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Why do some houses sell faster then others? There are three main aspects that attribute to a home selling quickly or sitting on the market: Condition, Price, and Location. We will chat a bit about condition today.

The amount of effort put into getting the house ready to go on the market really makes a difference and it shows when others are looking at the house. The way our houses look when we live in them is vastly different from being 'show ready' as the market expects. Your Realtor should go through the house and give you a list of 'to do's'. This is not a list of upgrades, just things to get your house in it's current condition, ready for market. What might be on this list? Here are a few tips to get your best look:

1. Repaint any current bold

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The first thing to know is that this is a very common situation that homeowners find themselves in, and there are lots of ways to handle it.

First, a few frequently asked questions:

How Does Closing Work?

Generally, we close on both your current home and the new home on the same day. Schedule your current home in the morning with a three to four-hour gap before your next closing. This will give the title companies enough time to wire the funds.

What Happens if I Don't Sell?

The good news is that I generally make your contingency deadline (the deadline to sell your home) the same day as the closing. So if any last-minute issues happen you are covered.

What are Pricing and Marketing Like?

You will want to price aggressively for your

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